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The 5 Google Products I Should be Using for My Law Firm

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The 5 Google Products I Should be Using for My Law Firm

The legal field changes slowly, just like the legal code it’s based around. Change takes time, which is something politicians and lawyers never have enough of.

But one thing your law practice shouldn’t hesitate on is adapting to technology. Tech giants like Apple and Google sites have a lot to offer the business of law..

So today, we’re focusing on the one tech company whose products can bring unparalleled marketing and workflow to your company, namely Google.

The Google Machine

Google’s suite of marketing, analytics, and workflow tools can help drive case intake, website traffic and of course rank.

Most people today use the Internet to search for local products and services. Google is the new phone book. About 85 percent of customers admit to using the Web to find local businesses.

Getting your law firm in front of consumers means properly utilizing Google and other Google sites to enhance your digital marketing. You need to follow the consumers and advertise where they’re searching for legal help.

To get you started, we’re bringing you the top five Google products you should use to boost your law firm’s business.

Google My Business

A Google My Business account is crucial to both engaging with consumers and letting Google know more about your business.

This service lets you list hours, contact information, and other details about your law firm. Google then uses that information to display your business when consumers search for law firms in your area.

Though, the most important My Business feature is your inclusion in the local three-pack.

The three-pack is Google’s local search solution that displays three local businesses after an online search. These results are based on location data combined with Google My Business data.

You must have a Google My Business page in order to appear in the three-pack. Plus, it’s necessary to keep your account current, and engaging.


Google AdWords

Google Analytics tells you how to run your marketing campaigns, and Adwords puts them into practice.

This Google service works by displaying ads to people in different places across the web. The main targeted areas are the search engine results page, and banner ads (normal text or picture ads seen on web pages).

What’s more, it lets you target demographics that are most likely to search for your product.

There are several ways of doing this:

  • First, you can target by keyword. This means bidding on keywords that display when someone searches that phrase.
  • Second, you can target customers through banner ads. These ads display when someone visits a web page (in this case a law-related page).
  • You can then further target by demographics like age, gender, income, and more. Google tracks this information from Google Accounts and web cookies.

With Google AdWords, you’re guaranteed to put your business in front of relevant consumers.


YouTube: The Power of Video

Content marketing is the new SEO, and it’s here to say. Producing content for current and potential consumers generates three times the ROI of outbound marketing and costs 62 percent less.

This strategy, in a nutshell, involves creating and promoting “content” that people consume.

Youtube, of all Google sites, is the perfect outlet to produce content that attracts new clients.

Your law firm can use this video-sharing website to produce videos that explain the law, offer tips, and even discuss relevant news topics.

Digital marketers call it inbound marketing. Instead of putting your message “out,” through cold calling or TV ads, you’re attracting consumers with high-quality, useful content.

Which leads us to the last of our Google sites…


Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook. While the site acts as a standalone social network for the average person, for businesses it’s integrated into Google My Business.

This is important because social features signal to both Google and potential customers that your law firm is relevant.

You can connect with potential clients, post blog articles, link to Youtube videos, and maintain your reviews – all from your Google Plus page.

The extra exposure can help increase your online presence as well as your inbound marketing potential.

What’s more, a strong Google Plus page can also help you appear and rank higher in the local three-pack.

Google Analytics

Part of digital marketing is something called search engine optimization or SEO. Essentially, SEO uses the keywords, links, HTML, and other metrics to tell Google your site should rank higher on the results page.

It’s a must for any digital marketing strategy.

But SEO is useless without evidence that a specific strategy works, and insight on how to plan more marketing campaigns.

That’s where Google Analytics comes in handy. The software tracks your website’s trends, including keywords, content performance, traffic sources, and conversions.

Using it can even show your law firm where customers are coming from. This can help you understand if you’re succeeding at targeting the local market.


So Which Google Sites Does My Law Firm Really Need?

Well, all of them. Each of the Google sites works in conjunction with one another to maximize your law firm’s digital marketing efforts.

On their own, they each can help increase your marketing, but together they represent Google’s attempt to help you crack its ever-changing search algorithm.

Remember, Google controls how your business performs online. It also ensures consumers they get the search results that best suit their needs.

Google provides the above tools for a reason. Taking advantage of these services is the ticket to better rankings.

By combining SEO, inbound marketing, and analytics, you can ensure your business gets enough exposure to keep the clients coming.

How to Get Started

If you’re looking for legal marketing services, get in contact with us. We specialize in creating a comprehensive digital marketing plan that suits your unique business.

With over 15 years in the legal marketing field, our team of experts can help build your law firm’s brand presence.

With everyone hopping on the digital marketing train, now isn’t the time to get left behind. Get started today and grow your brand presence!